Challenge Coins

A Challenge coin is a small, heavy weight, specially designed piece bearing an organization's emblem or logo. Challenge coins were originally issued by members of a club or organization to symbolize unity and camaraderie. Today these coins are carried by organization members and are used to prove membership if challenged.

How does one "challenge" another coin carrying member? When someone belonging to a similar group "challenges" you to produce your coin, you must do so immediately. If you are incapable of doing so, then you have lost the challenge. The loser of the challenge must then do something for the winner. These "winnings" vary from buying the other person a meal, to performing a task, or any number of other things as determined by the group who issued the challenge coins.

Although the challenge coin originated with the armed forces, the tradition of the challenge coin continues today and is seen among various types of groups such as:

  • service clubs
  • scouting troops
  • church groups
  • various departments of a business
  • social groups
  • chambers of commerce
  • rotary clubs
  • fraternities
  • sororities
  • 12 step programs
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