Fequently Asked Questions

At Awards Canada we will guide you through the process and you will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to have your very own medallion produced.

  How long will it take to make my medallions?    (Show Answer) 
Upon your signing of the approved artwork you will have your medallions within 4-5 weeks depending on style or special features you might want. We do have RUSH services available should the need arise that can substantially cut your production time. Just talk to one of our account executives for more information about this service or for suggestions that can simplify the production of medals for you.
  How many colours can I have on my medallion?    (Show Answer) 
You can have as many as you want!

All Awards Canada medallions have the option to have enamel colours added. There is a small extra charge for each colour added. Colours can be applied to both sides.
  How many medallions should I order    (Show Answer) 
This will depend on how your event is structured, what rankings you want to use (some events can use medals for up to 12 different rankings (placings) in one event) and what you want to budget. Higher quality medallions do cost more. You should be asking yourself what type of an impression should this event make? Is it an international competition or is it for a local sport tournament? We can help you with recommendations and cost scenarios to maximize the impact of your event.

If you are unsure of how many medals to order, just call or email one of our trained account executives and we will help you to the best of our ability.
  What size of medallion should I order?    (Show Answer) 
First you must decide what you want on your medallion. List the items you want on it and the wording or message you wish to say and email it to our sales department. One of our account executives will contact you and will go over your information and point out any obvious problems and make recommendations to give you the best look possible. Our art and graphics professionals will then draw up your idea and size it to the appropriate size medallion. Most popular sizes are 2 1/4 inch and 2 1/2 inch for corporate and organizational medallions. These are often mounted onto wall plaques or put into desk top holders or display cases. For sport and academic achievements, we have made medals from 3/4" all the way to 6" in diameter. The general rule of thumb is 1-3/4" to 3" for the majority of events. Some groups use different sizes of medals in an event as well. For large events this is very practical.
  What type of plating should I use?    (Show Answer) 
There are many different types of plating used in the manufacturing of medallions. We can plate your medallion using a variety of plating options or we can plate your medallion in precious metals such as silver or 24k gold. You would be surprised at how little it costs to plate your medallion in precious metals.

For standard plating colours such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, nickel, chrome, black nickel, and antique finishes to name a few, your price includes your choice of plating. The colour can be decided at the time you review your artwork draft from our art and graphics department. Plating finishes can be mixed as well and aggregated for a volume price.
  Are there die and setup charges?    (Show Answer) 
Generally speaking, No. All Awards Canada medallions include all standard dies and set ups.

If however you are contemplating a 3-D medallion there will be die charges based on the complexity of your design. These are one time charges and when you reorder, there are no additional costs for dies. We keep dies in stock for a minimum of 3 years from the time of last use.
  Should I put a date on my medallion?    (Show Answer) 
Medallions with dates have more appeal than those that don’t. Medals with dates look much more customized for the event and by inference show more care to the recipient. Certainly if you are using the medals over a season that crosses years, you might want to have multiple years on the medals ie. 2008-2009. If you are not sure even roughly how many medals you will need for an event and you are running multiple events, you could consider leaving the medals undated. Sometimes as well you may wish to purchase more than one years supply to take advantage of our volume pricing. This would probably necessitate leaving the year off. We do offer engraving services as well which are included with your medal. You could just have the date engraved on them. Please allow time for this to be done and please note that all the two lines of engraving included in the price would need to be performed at the time of production. Engraving your medals in batches later on after delivery will result in nominal engraving setup charges.

We have many examples of what other groups have used and we have information that we will be happy to share with you to help make your medallion experience trouble free.
  What are the art and design requirements?    (Show Answer) 
Your basic art and design needs are included in all our prices. Please see the section of our web site listing the Artwork Requirements.
Go to Art Requirements
  Can I order more than one colour of medallion?    (Show Answer) 
Yes, the price is for your medallions in total. If for example you are ordering 250 medallions, you can have them broken up into different plating colours. For example you may want 100 in antique gold, 100 in antique silver and 50 in antique bronze finishes. If you desire more than three colours of medals in an order, there will be a small extra charge for plating setup for each additional colour. Please contact your account executive for more information.
  Can I have a design on both sides of the medallion?    (Show Answer) 
Absolutely. There is a one-time second side setup charge that would apply. We would need to quote on this, based on your design. You can then have the same or a different design on both sides of the medallion.
  What does "2 lines of Persistent text are included" mean?    (Show Answer) 
What that means is that we will engrave two lines of text (of practical length) on each medal at no extra charge at the time we produce the medallions. The text must be the same on all medals. If you wish to have a text change, there is a small text change charge each time we have to re-input the engraving information. If you are having the medals engraved with two different inscriptions, there will be one small charge. All of the engraving is still included in the price. Contact your account executive for more information.

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